Italian Allegro The first english-speaking website on italian economic and political news

  • Heute aus Italien, ungeprüft hier reingestellt
    Hallo Rosi (ich spreche in English weil ich mag lieber)
    excuse me, I disturb you in order to let you know that me and other italian friends today started our new website
    As you can read here, it is the first english speaking website on italian economic and political news
    We have a libertarian /austrian perspective
    and want to let the english speaking world know the reality of italian crisis
    thank you

  • About

    This is a website about italian economic and political news, in

    The first one. Incredible, but real. Google it, if you don’t
    believe us.

    We thought it was a scandal that a country like Italy didn’t
    have a source of informations in english, even more in a period like
    this: the whole world looks with interest and concern at the italian
    situation as Italy has a very big weight in the equilibrium of Europe
    and will have general elections in less than 5 months.

    The choice of the name “Italian Allegro” has a clear reason:
    the socialist policies hold in the last decades and the progressive
    assassination of personal liberties and economic freedom will lead
    Italy in a major decline of economic and social conditions. In a
    word, misery.

    Most italian people do not understand the roots of the problem and
    act getting problems worse. They do not realize it.

    So here we are to report this triumphal run toward bankruptcy and
    caos. Enjoy!

    If you want to contact us, see the page: Contact